Are you working remotely? You should be ready to hit the road at any time

One of the most significant advantages of working remotely is choosing how and where you work. That is what makes a big difference from a person working in an office. On the other hand, sometimes, you feel you have no focus or unproductive working on your home-office. The simple fact to go somewhere else will make you be much more productive and get your attention back. That happens because novelty produces dopamine, and dopamine increases focus.

I have seen more than once people that work remotely building extraordinary home offices with a local machine (desktop) and not been able to leave their houses and work on some other places. I think that is a big mistake, and if you are starting on the remote work journey, now I will share here some of my thoughts on why you should be ready to hit the road at any time.

Use your laptop as a desktop at home

First of all, I agree that working on a desktop sometimes feels more productive, and so does other people. I have already tested myself in that situation, and working on a single big monitor at home really makes me more productive. So instead of buys 2 machines, I decided to make my Macbook act like a desktop when I am in my office. Keeping it closed and using wood support (that I have made), the Picture MacDesck shows how that looks like a desktop. On the other hand, some times when I am trying to come up with original ideas or to read a book or even trying to solve a complex problem I fell suffocated in my office, whenever that happens I leave my house and go to any other place to try to get to the right mood for the task I am trying to accomplish.

MacDesck MacDesck

Leaving home gadgets (creativity++ focus++)

It is important to have everything you need to work well when you are not home, so I always go with some items that I am sharing in the Backpack stuff picture. That is usually all I have o my backpack, which is a small one, that is also how I pick my clothes for the day, so I fell comfortable all day long.

  • I use 2 different sounds gadgets, one earbud (Use it to listing to music) and one overhear phone (I use it exclusivity for calls, I do not like them for long time music listening);
  • A Toothpaste and Toothbrush (I like to have them on hand to use after any meal);
  • A paper notebook and a pen (I like taking notes on real paper),
  • Clock (No smart, no digital, I like the simple good clock).
  • Wallet (So I have money and credit-card)
  • Sunglasses (To drive)
  • Mouse (To help drawing or modeling stuff and not using the trackpad)
  • MacBook (over priced no doubt but the best laptop for a developer you can buy without too much customization )

I rarely need any other stuff when I am on the road, and most of the time, leaving home makes me be able to solve the problem I was struggling with when I was home. It is impressive how bigger the focus gets when you are in a new place.

See other people

Another great opportunity will be able to work with other friends. Working remotely can be a lonely journey. Seeing other people and sharing a meal, coffee, and a good conversation can make you happier and be part of a community. That fact by itself should be enough to justify having a “mobile” work station. I took the picture “Working with friends” in one event last year, where we joined to work together, it was a great and productive day.

Working with friends Working with friends

In the same subject, you will be able to attend conferences. Attending to conventions can change your life and keep you up to date with the new technologies and opportunities, be ready to hit the road make that a possibility without having to miss one single day of work.


Cliche but true, traveling is another excellent result of being able to leave your home and working, last year I was starting on a new company, so I had no vocation, either way, I was able to travel 4 times on the year without missing one single day of work


Leaving home gives you

  • Focus increasing
  • Get more things done
  • Working with friends
  • Attending conferences
  • Traveling
  • What else?

Why would you starve yourself of all this experience and results only to save money on a desktop machine over a laptop? I think you should not.

Are you ready to hit the road now? I am.

Written on February 1, 2020