Lessons for Software Developers from Ramon Dino's Result and the Arnold Ohio 2024 Event

For those who do not follow Bodybuilding, last Saturday, we had the Final Classic Physics for Arnold Ohio, among the competitors there was a Brazilian called Ramon dino that was the favorite for the title this year because he won last year. Not only that, but Ramon is known to have one of the most favorable genetics in history, and everyone is sure that he would win.

Well, he lost, but the important point is why he lost.

  1. He took two months off after his second place at the Olympia (the biggest competition in Bodybuilding) last year.
  2. He did only six weeks of preparation. Most competitors take 12 weeks.
  3. He did not try to go beyond his capacity.

Ramon trusted his genetics to win what he had already won and was surprised by a better-prepared candidate—consistency beats genetics]].

What can I learn as a software developer from this?

Some developers stop studying when they land the Job they dream of.

Some trust “I am smart, I can learn quickly,” I will study later, or if I lose my Job, I will study for the next interview.

They trust their genetics (being smart), and previous preparation will ensure success in the future.

It’s the same mistake as Ramon. Here is one thing you may have not noticed yet. In this field, most people are brilliant; that is not your privilege.

If you are not progressing in this field, you are not staying at the same point; you are regressing fast and may be obsolete soon.

If you are not taking time to study, going beyond your capacity, or trying something more complex than your Job can provide you, you are regressing and losing value a little bit daily.

Prepare more, train more, study more. Do you think you are smarter than most? Study smarter and achieve more success. Do not sleep on your already archived success, or you may find out soon that a Wesley Vissers will show up one day, and it will take your pace, and then it may be too late for you to recover, at least for that position.


Being smart does not guarantee your success; talent is not enough; it takes preparation, the habit of progressing, focus, and hard work on top of intelligence to win and to stay at the top. Read that book you are postponing now, or learn a new programming language; start preparation now, not six weeks before the time comes.

Written on March 2, 2024