Book review Adopting Elixir From Concept to Production

Adopting Elixir: From Concept to Production is an excellent book about adopting new technologies. I would recommend it to anyone who plans to migrate a legacy system to any new technology, not only Elixir, manly the initial character that contains extensive insides about approaching the migration.

As a matter of fact, while I was reading character 4, I got myself with the desire to migrate a legacy system to new technology so that I could try some of the techniques proposed in the book. For example, proxying all the requests through the new application and calling the legacy system while slowly replacing the old APIs with new handlers. I even had the idea of doing that and opening both request both downstream (Legacy and the new one) and sending back to the client whatever respond first (of course not all use cases fits in the approach but most get requests to do), and in this case, we could game the legacy. As the new server takes most of the requests (because it is faster), we could disable the legacy and move on with the new one only.

In the last chapters of the book, the authors do focus intensely on Elixir, which I was less interested in at the moment, I want to try Elixir in some part project this year, so I will be back to this book later on, still worth reading it because it gives an overview of what is required to run any application in production.


Great book, introduce great ideas how to adopt new technologies, with a bit of creativity you can bring the ideas to your stack and situation, the team building part is applicable for all cases, but also this is a book I will read again once I am ready to put some of my services in production in Elixir.

I would recommend all developers to read this book, even if you are not ready to adopt Elixir if you plan to do any migration, worth reading this book.

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Written on January 18, 2021